We have been forced to BE STILL right now. Many of us sit in self-isolation, but know; it can be time not wasted. It is in the stillness where we can hear God speak the loudest. Be still, be calm, be quiet, see, and know, recognize, understand I am the True God. Psalm 46:10

be still

This is one of my favourite scripture verses. It is the one verse I’ve considered tattooing on my forearm. I’ve heard God speak these words in my ear on more than one occasion in my 47 years on this planet.

Take this time, not to catch up on every show on Netflix you never wanted to watch before, but to get into God’s Word. Not a devotional… those are the salt and pepper to your steak. You need some serious MEAT at this time! Read the Word and then sit still, enjoy the quiet, take time to listen and know that He is God. You’ll be amazed at what you hear!

You never know, He might be telling you the secrets of the next big discovery!

  • In WW2 everyone in Great Britain was hunkered down in fear of the bombings from Germany. During that time, C.S. Lewis began a radio broadcast. That broadcast became the book, “Mere Christianity”.
  • Isaac Newton was 20 years old when the Bubonic Plague forced people into their version of social distancing. During his year away from Cambridge he came up with the theory of Gravity.
  • Paul, the Apostle, under house arrest wrote most of the New Testament.

God does not causes these things, but I know He won’t waste the time either.

We are all restricted.  Our plans are on hold. We are sitting still, scrolling way too much social media.

What creative, life changing, world impacting ideas are sitting inside of you? Sure, we can spend this time binging shows, or we can spend it changing the world.

Be Still. Ask Holy Spirit to reveal a few secrets to you during this time! 

“So now we must cling tightly to the hope that lives within us, knowing that God always keeps His promises!” Hebrews 10:23

Pastor Shannon Mischuk