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WHAT are you FULL OF today? Are your thoughts churning and chaotic? Is your “gut” full of anxiety and FEAR about a lot of things?

I’m all about PRACTICAL……. even my Bible reading is about that….. it brings Heaven’s Love and Power into daily life, and the counsel of the Lord brings order and liberty.

God doesn’t want YOU to be fear-FULL. It isn’t good for you on any level.

2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For GOD has NOT given you a spirit of fear, but a Spirit of Power, AND love, AND a sound AND well disciplined mind.”

Practical point # 1 – Since GOD hasn’t given you a spirit of fear, don’t put up with it! Don’t give it fuel with your words. Don’t entertain it with “what if’s” in your mind and your mouth. Hush now….

Practical point # 2 – DO receive and embrace and learn to walk in the Spirit Of Power, Love, and a sound and well disciplined mind that God says He HAS given you. Jesus will Help you do that

Practical point # 3 – Talk to Jesus about this and ASK HIM into your heart and life to teach you how to benefit from and walk out what GOD says is yours to have!!!! That’ll kick fear out the door‼️. It may fight you for a while, but ultimately it doesn’t have a ‘say so’ unless you let it.

The Bible also tells us that ALL of the paths of the Lord are PEACE. You and your soul are designed to have Peace, like the second painting.

The Bible also says that God invites you to be transferred OUT of the kingdom of darkness (fear, sin, shame, anxiety, chaos) and transferred INTO the Kingdom of the Son of His Love, JESUS.

Tell the Lord with a humble heart you would like that, lay your burdens at His feet. Turn from sin in your life and embrace Jesus as your own personal Savior and live for Him as your Lord and King.

Trust me, what you are FULL OF will wonderfully change and HE will do the wonderful transforming within you AS you cooperate with Him by reading the Bible (start with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John)…. you will become a NEW person….

I love you and Jesus loves you more.

Dr Jacquelin Priestley

Jacquelin is a published author, “His Word Healed Me” and broadcaster on the Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network (HSBN). She is passionate to build people up in the knowledge that God’s WORD is alive, powerful, and active. God sent His Word “made flesh” to save us; He sent His Word to heal us, to renew our mind, body, soul, and spirit. Every need known to mankind can be met in the goodness and power of the Lord.

Hebrews 4:12 ; John 1:1,14 ; Psalm 107:20 ; Psalm 91 ; Romans 12:1,2



Jackie is a dear friend, an encourager, and fellow minister of the Gospel. We encourage you to watch her show and get her book!

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