Summer Jobs – Hiring!

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We applied for funding to hire up to 8 interns (16-30 yrs of age is the new requirements for the program participants, no longer need to be returning to full time school in the fall) for up to 12 weeks of work, hopefully starting in May. This is all dependent upon approval for Government funding.

We are looking to hire people for community outreach programs; creative department aka photography, graphic design; stage design; tech department aka sound and lighting; media department aka camera recording, video editing, studio work, and other areas like landscaping and building maintenance… and more. OPEN TO ALL.

If you’re interested, please submit your resume and cover letter to [email protected] ATTN: Emily Davis, before the end of April.

Pass this along if you know anyone looking for summer employment.


We are a place of worship with a congregation active online and within our community (Waterloo Region). This summer we need people to help us continue our social and community outreach, religious fellowship, children’s programs, creative media, graphic design, Christian education for adults and youth, outreach with newcomers to Canada (including refugees), to persons with mental and physical challenges (like Christian Horizons), to persons who are homeless or street-involved. Other work with our parishioners, for example; offering lifestyle and skill workshops, music, active living, and nutrition classes.